a. When can I register in the waiting list? You can apply for accommodation (desired date of occupation) 3 months before you begin your studies in Copenhagen, and make an application up to 1 year before this. You will, however, not start earning points until the desired date of occupation which means that you might as well make the application 3-6 months before this date.
If you don't begin your studies as planned you must contact us, as your application will no longer be valid.

Be aware that we don't accept any PhD students or students in the international programmes offered by Niels Brock/Copenhagen Business College as the programmes are not eligible for the Danish student subsidy. 

b. I'm an exchange student/doing an internship, can I apply for housing? Yes, a few of our places rent out to exchange students. You must choose "Exchange student" as your study, and remember to upload proof of your exchange/internship in Copenhagen. The system will automatically show the housing options available to exchange students when you get to the housing list in your application.
If you make your application before you have started your studies, you must remember to upload the documentation as soon as you are accepted in the study.

c. What does being "active" mean?  Your application will become active on the desired date of occupation. You earn 1 point/month when you are active.

d. What does being "passive" mean?  Your application is passive until your desired date of occupation. You can be passive for 365 days. You don't earn any points while you're passive. You will still have to renew your application every month while you are passive.

e. How many applications can I make? You can make one application for one person and one application for two persons. Remember that the e-mail address must be different in the second application.
Be aware that a two-person application is based on the main applicant which means that the main applicant must be a student in the Copenhagen area in order to be able to get housing from us.

f. When will I get a housing offer? The waiting list varies from one place to another. In places with longer waiting lists than 1½ years, it will appear in the description of the place.
Sending emails and calling us and asking to be put in front of others in the waiting list will not make a difference. We follow the waiting lists and it's the same for everyone - we don't do any special favours.

g. How do I change my address? You must choose "Change application" and submit your new address under "Contact address". Your original application address cannot be changed.

h. How do I delete my applicatoin? If you wish to delete your applicatoin, you must send us an email or you can choose not to renew/log in to your application for one month. It isn't possible to delete the application yourself.

i. Can I change/delete my co-applicant?  No, if you wish to change your co-applicant, we will have to delete your current application after which you can create a new application with a new co-applicant. The same applies if you wish to apply for accommodation for just one person. You start over in the waiting lists when you make a new application.

j. Can my friend take over my application? No, every applicant must create their own application.

k. Is it possible to get an exemption from the age requirement? No, there are no exceptions.

l. Why can't I log in to my profile? Your profile has probably been deleted. This can be due to one of these reasons:
1. You have acceptet a housing offer.
2. You have received two housing offers without accepting any of them.
3. You forgot to log in/renew your application within one month.
4. You were asked to upload studentdocumentation but didn't do it.

m. My application has been deleted, can I get it back as it were? No, you will have to make a new application and start over in all the waiting lists. There are no exceptions, not even if you had an offer and didn't see it because it ended up in your spam.

n. Can I be in the emergency/acutelist? KKIK doesn't have an emergency/acutelist. You will get points according to your current situation, which means that if you are homeless, you will receive max. points. Furthermore you will earn points for every month you are in the waiting list, which means that a new applicant who is homeless can't get a better placement than a homeless applicant who signed up several months ago.

o. I am subleasing a room at a KKIK dorm:
You must choose "temporary housing" as your housing situation. If you choose KKIK dorm, we will change your status once we see it, and you will move backwards in the waiting lists.

p. Why do I move backwards in the waitinglist?
You start earning points in the waiting list from your desired date of occupation, which means that applicants who have an earlier date, start earning points sooner and move forward in the waitinglist, which again means that you will move backwards. 
Also, applicants who have been in the waitinglist for longer than you (and have more points) can add a new housing wish to their application and they will then move in front of everyone who has less points.
Applicants kan change their housing wishes whenever they want and the placement in the waitinglist is based on the points earned in the application - not on the time that a housing wish was added.
You can read more about the points here:



a. Do I have to be a student in order to apply for housing? No, you can make an application and apply for housing 3 months before the expected start date.

b. Which studies are approved? All educations that are approved for the SU, plus apprentices with an official contract are usually approved by KKIK. The education must take place in Copenhagen/the Copenhagen area.
KKIK doesn't accept PhD students, Language school or students in programmes that are not approved by SU.

c. What type of student documentation is required?
You can read about documentation here:



a. What happens when I accept a housing  offer? When you accept a housing offer you will receive an email from us, telling you, that a contract will be sent to you (if the offer was only sent to you) or information telling you whether you got the accommodation or not (if the offer was sent to several applicants - this will appear from the offer) Your application is automatically deleted once you get accommodation.

b. Has the housing offer been sent to several applicants?  Usually we will only send an offer for housing to one applicant. If the offer has been sent to more applicants, it will appear in the offer.

c. When can I move in?  You will receive further information with the contract. Usually the caretaker, of the place that you are moving into, will contact you with a date and time for picking up the keys.

d. I was offered a place I don't want, what do I do? If you don't want the accommodation you were offered, you must reject the offer, and delete the housing wish from your list, so that you don't risk getting one more offer for the same type of accommodation. Your application is automatically deleted if it was your 2nd housing offer. This means that you will have to create a new application and start over in the waiting lists if you still wish to apply for housing through KKIK. There are no exceptions.

e. I received an offer, but I'm going away on exchange. Can I accept the offer?
When you receive studenthousing you are required to move in when the contract starts. This means that you cannot accept the offer.
If you are going on exchange, you must change your desired date of occupation to a date where you will be back and able to move in. If you can't change the date yourself, you can send us an e-mail at kkik@kollegierneskontor.dk and we will help you change it.
Be aware that you must live in your studenthousing for at least 6 months before you can sublet it.

f. What happens if I reject a housing offer?  The first time you reject an offer, you will get a quarantine of 4 weeks. This means you cannot receive any offers for 4 weeks. Your application will become active again after the quarantine and you won't start all over in the waiting lists. The second time you reject an offer, your application will be deleted as you can only receive two housing offers from KKIK.

g. For how long can I stay in a dorm?
You can stay in a dorm for as long as you are a student, but as a maximum during of the standard study time (e.g 3 years for a bachelor) of the education you are enrolled in when moving in.
It is possible to prolong the stay for up to 1 extra year due to illness, change of study etc. 
You can only finish one education while staying in a dorm. The extra year must always be approved by the administration and is only possible if you are still a student. 
After you finish your education you must give notice to move out no longer than 3 months after finishing. 

Moving to Denmark for the first time:


4. Better overview of your personal information with Kollegiernes Kontor I København.
From May 25th 2018 there’s a new legislation (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) regarding how companies, organisations and the public communities inside the EU must handle personal information, which also affects you.

You’ll get a better overview
In short terms the new legislation means that all private persons get a better overview and control of the personal information that companies etc. have registered in their files. This means that it is even easier for you to

  • get information about the personal information we have registered about you
  • get information on how we use the information
  • have the information updated

Which information do we have on you, and how do we use it?
The typical information we register is your name, adress, phoneno., e-mail adress and education, when you apply for housing with us. The information is used for giving you the best advice on which accommodations to apply for at KKIK and to offer you housing. The information that we have registered, is the same information that you can see when you are logged into your profile. KKIK will not keep any additional information on you.

Do you have to do anything
You don’t have to do anything regarding the new legislation, but if you want us to send you the information that we keep, you can send us an e-mail on kkik@kollegierneskontor.dk and ask for it.

Best regards,
Kollegiernes Kontor I København