Information about the studystartlist

The list is open for applications from the 1st of August until the 31st of August.

You can only apply during this period, but the list is active until the 30th of November or until all  applicants in the list have received an offer for housing from it.

Remember that you must upload your acceptance letter in order to apply for the list.

When you log in to your application, you will see the option "studiestartliste" in the menu. You click on it to apply. When you are in the list, you will be placed in front of all the previous applicants in the waiting lists for the dorms you applied for.
There is no housing guarantee in the studystartlist.

In order to be in the list you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You are a new student in Copenhagen this year (students in Lyngby and Roskilde cannot be in the list) Masterstudents and top-up students are not considered as new students. The list is only for students studying a full degree - exchange students cannot apply for the list. You must be 18-30 years old.
  2. You have at least 1 hour of travelling from your current housing to your study.
  3. You can only apply for the list on a 1-person application which means that you cannot apply if you have a co-applicant. Also, you cannot apply for the list if you have a pet as only a few dorms allow pets so you cannot apply for all the places included in the list.
    Also, only 1-room accommodations are included in the list. This means that even if you are no. 1 in the waiting list for a 2-room accommodation (when you are in the studystartlist you will be on top of the list for all of your housing wishes) you will not get any offers for it.
  4. All rooms that cost up to DKK 4.000,00/month will automatically be added to your housingwishes when you apply. If you, after being accepted in the list, remove any of your housing wishes, you will be removed from the list and will not be accepted in the list again. (Rooms in Albertslund and Herlev will not be added automatically)
  5. You MUST upload the acceptance letter from your study – otherwise you will be rejected. You upload the documentation by clicking on ”documentation” in the menu (when you are logged into your profile) and follow the directions. REMEMBER to upload your documentation before you apply for the list.
  6. You can only receive 1 offer from the studystartlist. If you reject an offer, you will be removed from the studystartlist but you will still be in the ordinary waiting list. An offer from the studystart list is considered as one of the two offers you can receive through KKIK.


Be aware that you must apply to move in no later than 1st of October to apply for the list.

We recommend that you also apply for the studystartlist at CIU ( in order to have a better chance of getting housing fast.