Moving for the first time

Are you leaving home? Does it seem overwhelming?
On this page you'll find tips and advise of what to remember when moving.

Where do I start?

At your local post office you can get a "Moving folder", which among others contains an address changing form for the post office, a checklist and cards to send saying that you are moving (which you can send to family and friends). Register your new address.
To whom do I tell, that I have moved?
  • According to Danish law you have to register your new address with the register office (Folkeregistret), at the latest five days after you have moved.
  • You have to fill in a form at the post office with your new address. Post will be sent on to you, up to ½ year after you have left your old address.
  • It is free to send moving-cards telling friends and family you have moved.
  • Your (mobile-) phone company.
  • The school / place of education.
Advice regarding moving
  • Instead of buying expensive moving boxes, you can rent them from a moving company
What else do I need to remember?

When you have found your accommodation, you can apply for rent subsidy. It is a financial help to pay the rent, when you rent. Apply for rent subsidy.

You also have to take out an insurance policy, if you haven't already got one. You should have these polices: Household effects (poss. bike insurance) and an accident policy.