About documentation/studentdocumentation

When you apply for housing through KKIK, you must upload valid studentdocumentation in order to keep your application and to be able to receive an offer for housing.
(if you make the application before you have been accepted, you must upload documentation as soon as you receive it from your study)

The documentation must be renewed every year.

If you don't upload documentation, your application will end up being deleted.

Valid documentation :

  • Confirmation of enrollment - this is a document from your education that shows the location of your studies, what you are studying, when you began your studies, and in some cases, when you are expected to finish your studies.
  • Trainee-/internship contract - if you are a trainee or doing an internship, you must upload a contract or agreement from the place you will be working at. The document must show the location of the company and the period when you will be there.
  • Exchange students - you must upload the documentation from the Danish place of study, showing the period during which you will be on exchange.
  • Acceptance letter - if you made the application before you were accepted, you must upload the acceptance letter as soon as you receive it.
    As soon as you begin your studies, you must upload a confirmation of enrollment.

If you are a non-EU citizen, you must also upload a valid residence permit.

You upload by logging into your application and then you click on "Application" and then on "Documentation" This will open up a window where you can choose which files to upload.