For how long can I stay at a dorm?

  • You can stay in a studentdorm during the total standard study time for the education/study you are in when you move in. So there's not a specific number of years you can stay in a dorm. Some examples of a total study could be a bachelor + master degree, AP-degree + top up + master degree or other fulltime studies that are eligible for SU. PhD is not considered a study as it's a paid 

    OBS! It's important to remember that the standard study time isn't the same as the maximum study time allowed by the school. The most common standard study time is 3 years for a bachelor degree and 2 years for a master degree. 
  • You can only finish one full education while staying in a studentdorm. (See examples above of what is considered a full education)
  • If you live in a 2-person accommodation and both of you are students, you can stay for the duration of the study for the person who finishes their studies last. E.g. if one of you finish the studies after 2 years but the other person still have 2 more years of study then you can stay until you've both finished your full studies. 
  • You must give notice to move out no later than 3 months after you finish your studies.
    If you stated that you will finish your studies when we made the studycheck we will usually send you a lease termination to move out 3 months after finishing the studies. 


When you live in a studentdorm there are some circumstances where you can be allowed to stay for up to one year longer than the standard study time for your education. 
Please see examples below:

  • When the studytime has been extended due to health issues.
  • When the studytime has been extended in accordance with the school. 
  • When you finish a bachelor but cannot begin the master until 6 months later. Your stay will then get extended for an extra 6 months and you can still get extended for another 6 months according to any of the circumstances mentioned above. 
  • When you are on maternity leave after having your first child. If you are living in a 2-person accommodation only one of you can get the extension. 
  • If you change your education before finishing the original education you were on you will normally automatically get an extension to stay for one more year than the original standard study time. Starting a new study can mean that you will have to move out even if you are still a student depending on the length of your new study. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is only possible to get a total of 1 year's extension according to any of the circumstances mentioned above. 


  • It is possible to apply for an extension of up to 1 more year if you have a very serious illness. It is only given in very serious cases. 

BE AWARE that you can only pause your studies if you are on maternity leave. So you cannot pause the studies and work instead.