Subletting your room

When you are a tenant within KKIK it is possible to sublet your room if you are going on exchange/internship and commuting is impossible.
You can get the contract for subletting by sending an e-mail to and asking for it.

The rules for subletting your room are:

  1. Find a subtenant who can rent your room while you are away. You can do it through your dorm's facebookpage, your school etc. If you live in a 2-person accommodation, you must sublet to two persons as it is a requirement that the number of residents are the same. Only one of the subtenants has to be a student.
    If you live in a 2-room apartment you cannot sublet just one room. 
  2. In order to sublet you must have been a tenant for at least 6 months. You can only sublet for a maximum of six months, but you are allowed to sublet more than once during your tenancy as long as there's at least six months between each period. 
  3. You can only sublet during the duration of your exchange/internship + up to 2 weeks before/after. This means that you cannot sublet for a longer period if you decide to go on vacation after your documented stay. 
  4. The subtenant must be a fulltime/exchange student in the Copenhagen area while living in your room. Studentdocumentation must alway be provided with the contract.
  5. Decide if the subtenant can terminate the lease or not. If you decide that the contract can be terminated and your subtenant terminates it while you are away, you will be responsible for your tenancy yourself.
  6. You must provide documentation for your exchange/internship (place and duration) with the contract.
  7. It is possible to sublet to several students while you are away, but in that case we need a contract and documentation for each one of them. (This is not applicable in all dorms - ask your administration) 
  8. The rent you charge must never be higher than your current rent incl. antenna, internet etc. You will always be able to see the current rent in the description of the dorm in
  9. It's up to you and the subtenant to set a deposit, however the maximum is usually one month's rent - even when you rent out a furnished room. 

  10. You are our tenant and therefore it is still your responsibility that the rent is paid and that the subtenant follows the rules of the dorm. This means that the dorm can terminate your lease if the subtenant is acting in a way that would lead to a lease termination if you acted in the same way. Du hæfter i forhold til udlejer.
  11. The signed contract and documentation must be sent asap to your administration. It will then be approved by e-mail. We don't stamp it.

  12. Subletting without approval from the administration will lead to a termination of your contract.