About student accommodation

Who can move into student accommodation?
Generally  all young people between 18- 30 undergoing education, which has been approved by SU-styrelsen (State benefit for students), or an apprentice- / trainee education with SU like earnings, i.e. trainee salary. 


Three months (at the latest) after moving in, you have to have begun a youth education, an apprentice education, more advanced studies or HF-classes (or similar). The student accommodation - according to Danish law - has to check, at least once a year, that the residents are actively studying.

Superior assigning rules
When student accommodations are rented out, there are certain conditions that have to be considered: the educational, financial and social conditions of the student. This means that it is the obligation of KKIK to ensure each person's individual need is considered, and therefore the accommodation can't just be let on a "first comes first" basis. This is why you might experience moving down on the waiting list. Another applicant having a larger and / or more pressing need than you will always come first.

When you apply for a student accommodation through KKIK, you must remember to renew your application every month, and it is important that you keep your application updated, so that we always have your present address, e-mail and phone numbers.


Through your e-mail and mobile phone (if you have a Danish mobile no. in your application) you will receive reminders form us to renew your application, offers of accommodation and other information.

When you receive an offer it is important that you reply before the deadline, as you will be otherwise risk being deleted from the waiting list.


You have to be aware that when offered student accommodation you must supply documentation of study activity. If you receive accommodation 3 months before your studies begin, you must provide the acceptance letter as soon as you receive it. Furthermore you have to be able to document the possible special conditions you have stated in the application. Your offer only stands if you can supply the necessary documentation.

How long can I stay at a dorm

You can stay while finishing one education (bachelor + master). Normally this means 5 years, but you can stay for up to 6 years in case you don't finish your final project on time.


N.B. Student accommodations are not similar

The student accommodations you can apply for through KKIK are not all the same. In certain places you can't live with children, other places you can't have pets. Some student accommodation offer rooms with communal kitchens; others have 1-, 2- and 3-room flats as well. To be certain of the rules, regarding the student accommodation/-s you sign up for, you can find more information about the specific accommodations. You can find links to the individual homepages on the page "In general". As a basic rule 1-room flats can only be inhabited by one person, 2-room flats by couples - and where children are allowed - couples with child / children, or a single with child / children. It generally applies, that when a couple is living together it is only necessary for one person to be actively studying. Read more under the different accommodation types.