Rent subsidy

The possibilities of cheaper rent
If you live in one of our residences, you might be eligible for rent subsidy / rent contribution.

Rent subsidy is the public's (municipality and state) contribution to residents in rented accommodation. The purpose of rent subsidy is to try to financially equalise the residents. For instance; it is expensive to have children. When you have children, you need more space, which means a larger accommodation, and the larger the accommodation the higher the rent. This means that tenants with children and higher rent receive larger rent subsidy than singles. Furthermore tenants with low income will receive more rent subsidy than tenants with a higher income.

Rent contribution which normally is higher than rent subsidy, is given to pensioner's residences. A pensioner's residence is a residence, where one or more of the tenants receive a social pension.

You can calculate your rent subsidy here. From the information supplied (about types of accommodation where rent subsidy apply), it is possible to get the relevant data for rent subsidy calculation.