What to do

When you sign up - via this homepage - for student- and youth accommodation, you can continuously follow your progress on the waiting list for each individual accommodation. Using the system is free of charge.

To see the different types of accommodation choose the heading "Student- and youth accommodation" at the top of this page. Once you have chosen this, a submenu appears at the left hand side of the screen. From here on you have two ways of accessing the different types of accommodation: You either click at the heading "Accommodation list" to get a complete rundown of all the student- and youth accommodations, or you can choose the heading "Map" to see where the different accommodations are situated.

There are three levels of accommondation presentation:

1. The accommodation list or the map

2. Accommodations, with a description of number of rooms, size, photos and facilities.

3. The details page where you can access information about the price (and often see a layout of the room), of different accommodation.

To sign up, you must fill out an application. If you haven’t already done so, you choose the heading “Application” and the sub-heading “Fill in application”. We need your details, which will naturally be treated as confidential. Your email-address is only used to send you information from us, such as reminders to renew your application and offers of accommodation. (Read more about how we treat your details here.)
You also have to upload studentdocumentation as soon as you have been accepted e.g. confirmation of enrollment, studentcontract etc.

Please note: You can only have one single application and one common application in the waiting list. If we discover that you have more applications, we will delete the extra ones.


It is also possible to create an application with a co-applicant, a so-called "common application", and based on  this apply for larger accommodations. Only one of the applicants has to be a student when you apply through a common application, except that both applicants have to be students in order to apply for Solbakken. Please be aware that it isn't possible to use the same e-mail address for both a single application and a common application.
It isn't possible to change a single application to a common application and you cannot transfer the points from your single application to a common application.


It is your responsibility to keep your information regarding your education updated. This means that if you change the start date of your studies, you must change it in your application or contact us so that we can help you. You can sign up 1 year before you expect to begin your studies. This means that if you change your startdate to one year later than when you signed up, you must contact us, as we have to delete your application. You will then be able to sign up again 1 year before your studies begin. If you don't contact us, we will delete your application when we find out the dates are wrong.


To make the waiting list as realistic as possible, all users of the system must log on at least every month to renew their application and through this keep their place on the waiting list.