General information

Accommodations for students in Copenhagen

From your 18th birthday, it is possible (free of charge), to get on to the waiting list for the approx. 6.460 student- and youth accommodations in Copenha gen and the surrounding areas, which KKIK has to offer.



Once signed up on the waiting list, you can keep yourself notified on your progress, and update your accommodation needs etc.

It is the policy of KKIK that there is total transparency regarding nomination and waiting lists. Under the heading Nomination system and Criteria it is possible to see the criteria after which the accommodations are assigned.

Before you decide which accommodation you want to apply for, you can access the information regarding the individual student- and youth accommodation organisations, pictures, rent prices, facilities and layout plan.

The assignment of available accommodation happens in the order in which one has signed up on the waiting list. However, the applicants are evaluated and given points relating to their educational-, social-, economical- and geographical needs. These rules can vary from one place of residence to another, and have been described in greater detail on the info page of each student- and youth accommodation.

The main requirement is of course that you have to be undergoing education during your tenancy, and you have to meet the individual student- or youth accommodation organisations age limits.

For more information read: On the waiting list.

For the waiting lists to be as up to date as possible, it is required that you renew your application every month. You do this by logging in to your application and clicking on "renew application". If you fail to renew your application you will be erased from the waiting list automatically.
KKIK will send you an email to remind you one week before the application expires.

To make it possible for us to contact you at all times, it is important that you keep your user profile well updated with all relevant contact information. You can change your contact information under "Contact address" when you are logged in and choose to edit your application.

Participating organisations (use the links below to find out more about the individual organisations and their specific rules):