Sømoseparken (administreres af Norhjem)

Sømoseparken 78 , 2750 Ballerup

Sømoseparken is located in Ballerup! Sømoseparken was built 2006 and has 100 1-room apartments, all of which have their own bath, kitchen and kitchenniche. 6 of the apartments can be used by the physically disabled. The building is situated close to DTU in Copenhagen and the closest neighbor is KU Faculty of Life science. There is 1,5 km to the nearest supermarket and only 1,6 km to Skovlunde st. NB!!! When you move in, you must still be a student for one more year in Copenhagen. Two residents are allowed in all apartments. A maximum of two person are allowed in one-room apartments. (two adults or one adult and one child) There is a laundry room in the building. Located in Ballerup. Sømoseparken doesn't rent out to persons registered in RKI. Please note that you pay deposit, 3 months prepaid rent and the first rent when you sign the contract.

Type of accommodation