Accommodations with KKIK

Studenthousing located in a newly build area from 2020.
Short distance to shopping, the beach and public transportation.

Albertslund Ungdomsboliger (Morbærhaven)
Albertslund Ungdomsboliger is a non-profit housing organisation situated in the north of Albertslund with 1063 small flats, especially suitable for students. Just as other housing departments in non-profit housing organisations Morbærhaven has been organised from a democratic point of view. This means that the residents must have the opportunity to affect the decisions made in Morbærhaven. The resident meetings are the main guarantee to ensure that this ambition is met.

Amagerbrogade 268 (administrated by Norhjem)
Amagerbrogade 268 was build 1969 and was used for housing and as a treatment-center several times through the years.
The building was changed and rebuild in 2009 so that it now contains 90 modern 1- and 2-room apartments. All apartments have their own kitchen and bathroom.

Dahlerup Ungdomsboliger
80 newly renovated apartments in the heart of Copenhagen. Situated in an officebuilding built 1937, which also contains 40 housing cooperative apartments, 3 offices and an Italian restaurant. The patio has been decorated with flowers, tables and benches. The building has 4 shared kitchens to be used by all residents.

Danmarks Internationale Kollegium 
Danmarks Internationale Kollegium is situated near Albertslund Station (20 minutes to the Central Station). The student accommodation consists of 16 blocks of flats with green areas in between and a lake at the end of the facilities. The rooms have their own bath, toilet and entrée. There are two communal kitchens and two communal sitting rooms in each block. At the end of every block are two-room flats for couples. The main management is handled by the board, which has delegated part of the management to the residents’ elected representatives. 

Det Nye Emdrupborg Kollegium (administrated by FA09)
Kollegium located close to the beautiful nature surrounding Emdrup Sø. Close to public transport and appx. 20 min. on bicycle to the center of Copenhagen.

Falkoner Kollegiet (administrated by WA aps)

Frankrigsgade Kollegiet
Frankrigsgade Kollegiet consists of 126 rooms with bath and toilet as well as communal kitchens. Each room has a balcony. Located centrally by the Metro and the Amagercentre.  

Grønjordskollegiet (administrated by FA09)
The accommodation is near green areas. Near centrum, KUA and metro.

Hedorfs Kollegium
Situated near Flintholm Station close to Copenhagen Business School and Niels Brock. Nice shopping facilities and close to the metro. The building has 4 floors with 52 new one-bedroom apartments with own bath, toilet and kitchen. All floors have a family room for socializing. All residents have their own storage and access to common laundrette.

Holger Danskes Vej 89 (administrated by Dansk Financia)

Holmbladsgade (administrated by Norhjem)
Holmbladsgade 70 c, in Copenhagen has been renovated in 2004/2005 so that the building now consists of 35 modern apartments.

Hvidovre Hospitals Kollegium
Hvidovre Hospitals Kollegium consists of 8 blocks of flats each 2 stories high, with green areas between the blocks. The student accommodation has 296 rooms (incl. bath, toilet and an entrée with built-in cupboards), with communal kitchens. Each room has a cabel-tv socket, phone plug and internet connection. The bus 650S stops outside the student accommodation, and the closest train station is Rødovre Station. The residents have their own football team, football field, basketball court and volleyball court.  

Kagså Kollegiet 
Green surroundings are characteristic for Kagså Kollegiet, which is situated in Gladsaxe municipalty near Herlev County Hospital. The student accommodation has its name from the small stream Kagsåen, which runs past the student accommodation on it’s way to Kagsmosen in Husum.
Kagså Kollegiet consists of 308 tenancies, situated in a large open area, which slopes down towards Kagsåen. This has made it possible to create level differences between the individual blocks of flats, and through this create small green areas between them, however almost all green areas are for communal use. 

Kollegiet Granbo (administrated by Københavns Kommune)
Situated in green surroundings in Brønshøj you find kollegiet Grandbo. The 7-stores building has elevator, laundrette, and parking close to the entrance. All apartments have own bath, toilet, kitchen and a small balcony. 

Kollegiet Sofiegården (administrated by FA09)
Kollegiet Sofiegården is part of "The Christianshavn Environment", which offers café life by the canal, cosy walks on the embankment and in Christiania. To Sofiegården it’s a matter of honour to see that resident democracy is working, and thus the ”resident meeting” is the highest authority of the student accommodation. At the monthly meeting everything from washing powder to bike rails to renovation work to budgets are discussed. Thus all residents have a large degree of direct influence on all decisions. The student residence itself is in charge of the letting of the apartments, and a large part of the administration takes place at Sofiegården itself. All employees are residents.

Kornerupkollegiet (administrated by FA09)
The location of Kulbanekollegiet is very attractive in the middle of nature, leisure- and sportsfacilities and close to both shopping and public transportation. 
The size of the rooms vary from 34-39 sq.m. and all have their own bathroom. On the groundfloor there's a common leisurearea with kitchen and diningarea, where tenants can socialize with their neighbors.

Kulbanekollegiet (administrated by FA09)
Kulbanekollegiet is a newly renovated dorm that opened June 2020.
There are 82 studentapartments at the dorm, out of which 4 are suitable for disabled students and 4 are for families.
The dorm offers several facilities such as laundromat, bicyclestorage, parkinglot and storage.
There's also a shared leisureroom and common/shared kitchen on each floor (apart from the top floor) and beautiful outdoor areas.
The dorm is located in Kulbanekvarteret in Valby. The area surrounding the dorm is currently being renewed and enthusiastic citizens are making sure that focus is on physical, social and cultural structures. The area where the dorm is located is under continuous development. 
Kulbanekollegiet is located at walking distance from Vigerslev Allé Station and there are good bus connections. The dorm is also located close to good shopping facilities and Vigerslevparken is only a few minutes walk away. 
It only takes around 20 minutes from the dorm to get to the heart of Copenhagen City and most educational institutions are easy to get to on bicycle.

Kvintus Kollegiet
Located centrally in Amager, close to the Metro. Nice outside environment shared by all residents. All apartments have own bath, toilet and kitchen.  

Murergården (administrated by DAB)

Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet
Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet is situated 3 minutes from Rødovre Station, from where various bus services connect to Lyngby and Frederiksberg. The student accommodation is a collection of blocks of flats consisting of 361 rooms (incl. bath, toilet and entrée with built-in cupboards). There is a telephone- and internet system, and the residents have their own football team.

Robert Jacobsen Kollegiet (administrated by Newsec)
New kollegium built in 2012.
This kollegium is situated in the middle of green surroundings with lots of nature and space for different activities as well as peace and quiet. The Metro tracks end at this location which means that you can get to Christianshavn in just 11 minutes, Nørrebro in 14 minutes and Frederiksberg in just 18 minutes.

Sadolin Kollegiet
57 student apartments located in Amager. Close to bus and metro. Really nice facilities and shopping on the bottomfloor of the building.

Solbakken is situated in nice green surroundings, and is based on family values. The building contains daycare for 0-6 years old children, and have regular events for the children. 

Stærevej (administrated by Norhjem)
Perfect location in Copenhagen, Nørrebro.
Stærevej 66-68 was built 1969 and used to be a home for the elderly. In 2011 the building was renovated and expanded with one more floor.
The building consists of 80 modern apartments, all of which have own kitchen and bathroom.

Sømoseparken (administrated by Norhjem)
Sømoseparken was built 2006 and has 100 1-room apartments, all of which have their own bath, kitchen and kitchenniche. 6 of the apartments can be used by the physically disabled.
The building is situated close to DTU in Copenhagen and the closest neighbor is KU Faculty of Life science.

Øens Kollegium
Øens Kollegium is under construction on Øresundsvej 92-94, 2300 København S.
It is possible to apply for rent subsidy for all types of accommodation. 
This is a non-smoking kollegium. No smoking in any room or public areas.

Øresundskollegiet (administrated by FA09)
Denmark's biggest student accommodation located in Amager. This kollegium is located close to central Copenhagen, shopping facilities, beach, Amager Fælled, sporting facilities and metro station.