At the moment we are experiencing shorter or no waitingtime for some of our dorms, which means that if you are in need of housing fast, you should consider these.
If you already have an application, you can add these dorms to your housingwishes. 

Be aware that the rooms are for 1 person only without children.  

Kagså Kollegiet - located in Søborg

Sadolin Kollegiet - located in Amager

Rebæk Søpark Kollegiet - located next to Rødovre trainstation

Hvidovre Hospitals Kollegium - located next to Hvidovre Hospital

Danmarks Internationale Kollegium - located next to Albertslund trainstation

Albertslund Ungdomsboliger - also named Morbærhaven. The best dorm if you have a dog.

Robert Jacobsen Kollegiet - located in Amager