About being on the waitinglist

When you have filled in your application for a student- or youth accommodation you will be put on the waiting list. Your place on the list will depend on your current educational-, social-, financial-, and geographical conditions, as well as how long you have been signed up. You can always see your present place on the list, but you must be aware that at times your place can change a lot, and you might experience moving down the list. This is due to the fact, that people sign up in the list on a daily basis, especially around the time of a new semester. Some applicants will get more points than others due to, for instance, distance or present housing conditions.

Furthermore it might happen that you, if you are number one on the list, will be chosen second or third. This is due to the individual student and youth accommodation union's individual rules, and special conditions, for instance gender ratio in a hall or in a block. Below, you can read about the construction of the nomination system, about how the points are given, your possibility of being both actively and passively waiting, as well as why it's important that your information be correct and up to date.

To maintain your place on the waiting list you must renew at least every month. A reminder will be sent to your email address and if you have a Danish mobile no. on your application, you will even receive a text message.It is your own responsibility to renew. If you forget to renew, your application will be deleted and you will have to start all over again if you still wish to apply for accommodation in our homepage.